Mathico-2x2 Olymiad

Dear Parents!

We are happy to inform you that Mathico will be hosting a Math Competition for grades 1-6 on Feb-9, 2019.

Venue location: 136 Palmer Ave #106, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

About the organizer: "2x2 Creative Laboratory" http://mathbaby.ru/ is a well known Russian Math Olympiad Center. Students across Russia, Europe, and Asia are participating in the competition every year. The competition format differs from others by making a priority on a thorough approach to the solutions. There are only eight questions on the test, and the times designated are 60 min for 1-2 grades, 90 min - 3 and 4 grades, 120 min - 5 and 6th grades.

We highly recommend the participation. It is an excellent source for competition experience.

Participation cost is $20.

You will receive sample materials, start/end times and an invoice after registration.

We are looking forward to seeing many little genii at the competition.
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