Advanced Math School For K-12 Children


Advanced Math School For Your Children

Mathico is a great way to help your children master the math. With our free iPad app and best in the industry curriculum, we’ll enable your child’s math skills.
For advanced math enthusiasts and talented kids we have a special Olympic program to participate and win in different math contests.

Mathico offers an entirely new method to learn math using the latest software and technology.
Mathico was founded by mathematical enthusiasts and professionals, who want to bring the best and latest technologies in education and science to kids all over the US.

We teach classes from 3rd to 11th grade according to Common Core State Standards Initiative. Our method has two components:

• Our in-class training is organized through small class sizes, typically once a week, where we create an enjoyable learning environment. Understanding is gained through the use of a systematic curriculum and well-trained, enthusiastic teachers who pass their love of math on to their students, rather than insisting on tedious memorization.
• One of the main differences over the traditional after-school programs is that we also provide interactive distance learning through the use of technology. Our iPad apps encourage students to continuously work during the week by submitting assignments and receiving thorough feedback from teachers before coming to the next class session.

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What does that cover?

Common Core goes about organizing math a bit differently than the traditional system. For instance, students learn the foundations for algebraic concepts as early as kindergarten and continue building on those concepts every year so that by the time they get to the kind of equations you associate with algebra in the sixth grade, they aren’t learning a new type of math so much as they’re continuing to building on algebraic concepts. Our school covers everything Common Core measures (and then some!) for each grade to ensure your child can ace the state standards for math.

When do the classes take place?

All classes are after school, in the evenings, or on weekends, with some flexibility. We understand that parents are busier than ever, juggling work and parenting. That’s why we keep our class times fluid. Give us a call and we’ll work something out.

How often does my child have to attend?

Classes are only one hour, once a week.

Are all the lessons taught at the school in Westchester? Can you come to my house instead?

Unfortunately, no. All classes are taught in our classroom to ensure a distraction free environment and a great learning process.

Do you have any classes closer to me?

Not at this time. If you'd like you can let us know where you hope to see classes in the future, which will give us a better sense of which areas are most in need of Mathico.

Do you assign homework?

Yes. We don’t promise that your child will always have homework, but often there will be homework. We use ShowMe to record all the classes so students can watch and listen to the lesson as many times as he or she needs on an iPad or a computer.

Are there tests?

We only administer tests once a term, to see how the students are doing.

You said these classes are small, how small exactly?

No more than five students in any class, though it's often about three students a class.

How do you decide which class is right for my child?

We'll give your child a short evaluation to see which class would be the best fit. It’s a short set of questions that is done at our school in Mamaroneck, New York. You’ll get the results in a day or two and you’ll be ready to enroll!

How much does that cost?

Nothing! Our evaluation is completely free.

How do I sign up?

The best way would be to call us at our offices (914-432-2910) sometime between 10am and 6pm, Monday through Friday. You can also get the ball rolling by emailing us here.

Can I just walk in?

You are welcome in the office anytime during our office hours, however we don’t do walk-in evaluations, so you’ll need to make an appointment before your child can take the evaluation.

What if my child is struggling in his or her current classes?

That’s what we’re here for! Because our classes are so small and we record every step of the lesson, your child will not only receive one-on-one attention, he or she will be able to re-experience the lessons anytime, anywhere.

What if my child isn’t struggling, but bored to tears in the regular math class?

That’s great! We can’t wait to work with your child and discover the next challenges together. Just because your child is in, say, 7th grade doesn’t mean he or she has to be working on 7th grade levels. If your child’s evaluation show 8th or 9th grade would be a better fit, then that’s what we’ll recommend.
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Mher Martirosyan

Co-founder, Head of Science
Mher is a mathematician and teacher. Mher has a PhD in mathematics  and his numerous articles are published all over the World. His knowledge base covers vast array of mathematical problems, including Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Set theory, Measure theory, Relations and Groups and others. Mr. Martirosyan is a professor at American and State Universities of Armenia and also teaches children in special math schools.

Artak Harutyunyan

Artak is an entrepreneur and idealist. Together with his friends he founded Lernique and Mathico to help kids to better understand math and be able learn fast and without much trouble. Before that Artak has been working many years in a consulting business, where both adult and child learning was a priority. His company developed and implemented many programs to help people to learn new and useful skills, obtain knowledge necessary for everyday life. Artak holds BS in CAD and MS in Programming both from State Engineering University of Armenia.

Samvel Sahakyan

Co-founder, Olympic Team Captain
Samvel is a mathematician and an inventor. He has designed a program for math competitions and Olympiads including Math Kangaroo, AMC-8 and
AMC-10. Mr. Sahakyan's students are winners of National and State competitions. He has mathematics in his blood, coming from a family of mathematicians from both sides. His passion for math came up early as he became winner of several math olympiads yet in the school. Samvel holds a MS in Computer Science and Mathematics from State University of Armenia.



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